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May. 29th, 2011

Tommorow I'll go get my iphone4... I am excited, the old contract ends on saturday, so from then on I will be using the coolest phone ever :-) It's my personal luxury device and I decided to stop leaving to much money in pubs etc. and just have a cool iphone instead.

Renaissance Ensemble will be having 2 concerts in aug. But without C. I can't believe it, it's her ensemble, I mean she always acted like it was hers, but she decided to go on holiday instead... I really hate this ensemble it's nothing more than a gig group on renaissance instruments. Nobody bothers to do some real work there. So I don't bother either! I put to much work into that group already, just to have C. not even considering one of my ideas and A. acting as if he was the teacher of us all. DUMB. But maybe the group is better without C.? Who knows? I am personally not much interested in working with C. or A. I will start my own group with people I like and similar ideas of what an ensemble is.


May. 26th, 2011

My new oboe plays very nice, I am still not totally sure about the reeds, but at this moment I so don't have time for reedmaking and stressing about reeds, I just stick with what I have and works ok... I am trying to organise an ensemble for oboe, violin, and B.C. for a small chamber music competition in summer. I am so into it, found a great Telemann piece etc, but my collegues are not working with me that well... I know everybody is busy, but you can sent your c.v. by mail to me in time, can't you? Also just write me an e-mail with you free dates and working days, I can coordinate that only if I get the information! Today finally three of us meet (except harpsichord, he's got his finals of conducting tomorrow...) and we were able to decide on the pieces, still no clue about rehearsals and the recording we will have to sent with the application...

Tuesday I woke up an had such a bad stiff neck, I couldn't got to teaching and had to see a doctor... Those lessons I will have to give during the next weeks. Shit happens! I am just happy I am much better and can play oboe again. That pain was evil.


The oboe arrived on saturday morning! It sounds round and warm :-)
It's a Stanesby copy made by Pau Orriols.
I played it on my morning service gig with BWV 35 today. My collegue playes the same model, it was amazing, how both oboes melted into one big monster oboe, when playing in unision. Never had that with my old oboe. I guess, it's because also all the overtones are the same. Different models have different overtone spectra, so the mixed sound is like two oboes playing in tune, but still two. We were one..incredible, the projection of sound was gigantic while playing unison notes...


May. 18th, 2011

It's been a while...

time is running and I have a lot to do do. I played many gigs in April. St.Johns Passion, St. Matthews Passion, B-Minor mass, Easter Oratorio .... My oboe da caccia is in best shape now, since I got a new and shorter bocal, I love playing da caccia.

My baroque oboe got a new topjoint, and after tuning it with the maker it is better than it was before, unfortunatly the middle joint got a crack during my last oboelesson, I suspect my teacher of having something against my oboe... the poor thing just went back to the workshop on monday... so sad. Also I can't understand it: that middle joint was 8 years old and had no cracks. The new topjoint must have swollen with the condensed water while playing and by that cracked up the middle joint... I guess that's why modern oboes have metal rings at those parts to prevent cracking of the wood.

The baroque oboe I ordered two years ago from a spanish maker, will be arriving soon. It better be good, I payed 1700Eur for it already, let's hope for the best!

Bruce Haynes died yesterday. RIP Bruce Haynes! You did a wonderful job on this earth for music, the oboe and us oboeplayers! Thank you!

soon I'll have my own website :-)

got a domain... work in progress... and me learning html and who knows what ever more will follow... I am very excited about this project. If I will fail on it, I can still pay someone to do it for me :-)



I love being in Cambridge,it's so great being around EUBO people, even though it is not like EUBO. It's more like a vacation with concerts. The last two days we had great weather and R. gave me a College Tour involving 5 out of the 27 or so colleges here. We also went punting on the Cam which was a lot of fun. I make no good punter(?) we were going in circles when I tryed. My hands got red and frozen from the cold water and I got cought in a weeping willow while trying to stear. LOL people on one of the br were staringdown  at us with very amused faces... "first time punting?!??" to my relieve R. was not doing much better than me and it wasn't her fist time. To my even greater relief M. was capable of punting us quite nicely past Kings College, Clare College, etc... to St. Johns College. I got a scarf from St. Johns College, that's one of the Colleges I am going to play in. I first thought of getting a Gonville and Caius Scarf, because the have that nice blue and black stripes, and it's M'S College, but I didn't want to disappoint R. who went to Selwyn (they have red  and yellow stripes, which does not go with my clothes) And I just solved that this problem by getting the St Johns scarf. (dark blue, light blue and red- very posh ;-)) Here in the orchestra are at least three people fom St. Johns and they loved my choice of College. LOL other people say: "I'd rather go to Oxford than to St. John's!" I heard there is a song about that. I love it! 


We are playing Handels fireworks suite and the organisation of this project is just out of control.... a lot of rehearsals and when I am there they are not rehearsing fireworks, no they rehears all the stuff without oboes and we are waiting more than hour till they start with the Handel... Note: this is so not cool! It's easy to write a schedule with times for the windplayers to be there!

Cambridge b-minor mass is approaching! Yeah! I will have three free days in England, so I was thinking to go to Oxford for one day, but English trains are so expensive! 100 pounds to get there and back to Cambridge :-( NO WAY I can afford that for only a day trip :-(  Now I decided to stay two days in London after the project, if I can find a EUBO person to host me... and my free friday I will have to stay in Cambridge as well or somewhere near to it :-(


Jan. 25th, 2011

I am fine again, that was a very bad cold last week. Yesterday I skipped my oboelesson, what should I have played??? Instead I reorganized all the paperwork and stuff on my worktable, booked my flights to England and I am so happy to have found out I won't go broke this year! Counting all my money made me feel like Dagobert Duck although I am not rich... If I can find someone buying my oboe d'amore; I can put some money aside and also buy the very cool reedmaking machine, that will save a lot of my time and nerves for reedmaking (especially students reeds--- they eat them raw those filthy brats!)

The first round of the Jugend musiziert competition is coming up next weekend and I really hope my student will recieve a prize, he worked really hard for it and I put some sweat into his preperation (and reeds you can guess...)

Today some more teaching and reedmaking, tomorrow as well, on thursday I will start practising again. I still have that stupid cough and can't breathe properly.... :-(

I hope my new baroque oboe will be ready soon, I am on that waiting list for 18th months now...
I cought the worst cough since I can't remember when... This is my third day at home.. mostly hiding in bed and watching the old GossipGirl seasons ( I am in the middle of season two...)  no practising (mondays my lesson maybe I better cancel) no teaching (I had to cancell everything and reschedule for next week....)  and only chicken soup

I played with my gerbils, LOL Callisto nearly went onto a suicide mission by jumping from my hand , but everything is fine. Arduinna trust me more I guess. I still haven't figured out what their favourite treats are... but corn seams to be quite good. Funny that they did not seam to like the special gerbil sweets I fed my old gerbils when trying to get them more tamed ...  Callisto likes the running wheel, Arduinna not even tryed to climb in it...


Nov. 12th, 2010

I have a Messiah gig this weekend and I joust found out that Andreas Scholl (video) will be singin in this! Wow. I am very excited! Watch the video by the way the conductor is Lars Ulrik, one of our EUBO conductors :-)